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Someone I know, tagged me in a photo of some girl (who looks pretty spunky) in which she claimed to look like me. Idk if I should take it as a compliment or an insult as the girl is a porn star (or so I hear) and looks absolutely NOTHING like me. I think this “friend” of mine needs to get their eyes checked; even at certain angles in photos the girl/woman doesn’t look like me or I to her at all.


Arisha is a female character who uses a Longblade and Castlet for combat.

As most would expect from the name, a Longblade is a lengthy sword which Arisha swings with the power of mana instead of physical strength thus making it a magical attack.

The Castlet is a source used for Arisha’s spells…


INVEN had an interview with the project manager, animator, programmer, and modeler for Arisha not long after her files were leaked on holden’s blog.


Q: The recent leak of Arisha’s files has been a big issue.

A: It was devastating for us. We wanted it to be a surprise and the leak was a…