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i’m laughing so hard right now i think i’m going to suffocate 

Ohhhh myyy godddd

I’m laughing so hard and coughing so hard at the same time


Enjoy your last day of summer vacation and make it memorable 

League of Legends | New Champion | Azir the Emperor of the Sands [x] [YouTube]

Found this awesome wallpaper on Imgur. Too bad the uploader didn’t include the source. If anyone knows who drew this or where the source is, let me know.

Loving the updated splash art for Shyvana and Vayne [x] 

Vindictus | Level 80 Armageddon Twin Swords

Finally got to make them!

League of Legends | Arcade Miss Fortune | [x]


Mabinogi Heroes | Arisha Prologue [x]

Someone I know, tagged me in a photo of some girl (who looks pretty spunky) in which she claimed to look like me. Idk if I should take it as a compliment or an insult as the girl is a porn star (or so I hear) and looks absolutely NOTHING like me. I think this “friend” of mine needs to get their eyes checked; even at certain angles in photos the girl/woman doesn’t look like me or I to her at all.

League of Legends | New Champ: Gnar The Missing Link | [x] [YouTube]
Cute but deadly 

League of LegendsChampion Skin: Arcade Miss Fortune | [x] [YouTube]

Vindictus Developer's Note : Arisha the spellblade →


Arisha is a female character who uses a Longblade and Castlet for combat.

As most would expect from the name, a Longblade is a lengthy sword which Arisha swings with the power of mana instead of physical strength thus making it a magical attack.

The Castlet is a source used for Arisha’s spells…

Vindictus : Arisha interview [INVEN] →


INVEN had an interview with the project manager, animator, programmer, and modeler for Arisha not long after her files were leaked on holden’s blog.


Q: The recent leak of Arisha’s files has been a big issue.

A: It was devastating for us. We wanted it to be a surprise and the leak was a…

League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn