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My head can’t handle fps games

I want to and was thinking about playing BioShock Infinite, but then I realized I can’t because I get motion sickness from playing fps games :’D fml

Preview of Atlantean Syndra Skin Skills [YouTube] 


Elchulus, Siglint and Beokros


I liked so much the dance video….it needed a gif set +yay


Atlantean Syndra [x] [YouTube]

Dota 2: language please

I think it’s safe to say that a handful of us has fallen victim to language barriers in our game. I play in the NA server, so I would expect at least 1 of my teammates, if not 2, are willing to or know how to speak English during the entire game. But fates would have it that I get teamed up with members who KNOW how to read, write and speak English but would rather speak their native tongue. I mean, come on, if you’re so persistent on speaking your own language, go to the respected server and do so there. It’s a frustrating experience to have teammates refusing to effectively communicate with you when you tell them, “I don’t understand what your saying, speak English please”

I’m not saying that players shouldn’t ever speak their own language in game. I mean it’s totally fine if your whole team is consisted of people who speaks and understands the language (or you made a party with friends), but having 1 outlier in the team who doesn’t have a clue is and can/may be a problem.

So my confusion is, how is it that I’m in the NA server playing pub games but always (and I mean ALWAYS) get teamed up with “foreigners”? By foreigners I mean those who refuse to communicate with their teammates properly because they’d rather speak a language that some players have no proficient knowledge in; in other words they’re always communicating/talking in their own language, throughout the entire match. Possible conclusions I came up with are: (1) they come to the NA server to totally ruin other players’ experience; (2) they’re dicks (3) trolllolololl

Despite my complaint, I’m still going to play Dota 2 and I think playing with these kind of teammates works a bit in my favor because if I’m playing as a carry, I don’t have to give a fuck about them….only in team fights, but besides that, they can screw themselves. I’ve been playing support a lot but I’m slowly transitioning out of that due to unreliable teammates who think “hur dur I’m going to dive into a 5v1 team is a good idea and dieee”


無題 | 肉沫茄子丶 [pixiv] 


無題 | 肉沫茄子丶 [pixiv] 






The Du Couteau family.

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