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I probably shouldn’t watch horror before I sleep…

Watching streamers play The Evil Within only to realize I’m in bed in the dark….-closes Twitch app-

New Splash Arts!


Riot is updating more splash arts for the current champion. Which one is your favorite so far?



Happy birthday, Jinx!


- 1 week ago


Ever tried an online tarot reading? This one is great. Click here!

I was yawning on my way to class when my tongue suddenly started to hurt. Then I realized I must’ve pulled a muscle…didn’t even know it was possible

On a side note, just waiting for riot to update to patch 4.18 so I can buy Ravenborn Leblanc

- 1 week ago
Anonymous whispered: Victorious skins are always only for people gold and higher.

I don’t play ranked so…I’ll never get these skins :’D

Victorious Morgana Recall

for some reason the gifs i’m making aren’t working on tumblr :\

League of Legends | Soraka the Starchild | Reaper Soraka {x} {YouTube}

League of Legends | Morgana the Fallen Angel | Victorious Morgana {x} {YouTube}

I have a feeling this skin will only be received by those in ranked Gold like Victorious Elise

Ravenborn LeBlanc splash art{x}

can’t wait to get her skin ^^

2 hrs into playing The Testament of Sherlock Holmes = motion sickness tko

-groans- just when it was getting good

Nothing is more adorable than those times when you’re sick in bed and someone is there right by your side

…Not sure if lots of love…or just cat being cat .__.

- 3 weeks ago


Tarot readings are a great way to get personal insight. Here’s an awesome one that’s totally free.